★ QUEERIZATION unifies different struggles
★ QUEERIZATION is coming together & supporting each other, to celebrate and to fight the CIS-tem!
★ QUEERIZATION strikes against pinkwashing & financial inequality
★ QUEERIZATION does not tolerate exploitation of queer rights to justify racism & islamophobia
★ QUEERIZATION demands radical self-determination & rights to one’s own body & life
★ QUEERIZATION makes visible what today’s Pride has forgotten
★ QUEERIZATION occupies space
★ QUEERIZATION is revolution
★ QUEERIZATION invites everyone to built a better future here, and now



Queer rights will not be exploited for the benefit of racist politics. Queerization stands for abolition of Fortress Europe and its border control that leads to thousands of deaths on the Mediterranean. We refuse politics that positions humans hierarchical categories according to the color of their skin, their religion or birthplace.

We will not have ourselves used as an excuse to promote nationalism. Queer rights are being hijacked to back a propaganda project that paints a picture of homophobic immigrants. Meanwhile, queers who have fled their home countries are not granted asylum in Finland. Our relationships, including those of immigrant queers, do not fit the heteronormative family model that is the prerequisite of citizenship. Queer has no borders.


Medical trans examinations need to stop. The trans experience is none of the state’s or medical authorities’ business. Everyone should be able to self-determine their gender by announcement. What do we need gender juridics for? Juridical gender, name changes & modification of one’s body should not be governed by the state. We want radical self determination of our bodies and identities.


Queer challenges the norms of society – both those of the state and in our own communities. It’s not just one more identity, but a way of thinking and acting that constantly dismantles power hierarchies & privileges.

Queer is in conflict with everything normative that crushes our spirit, makes us hate ourselves, makes our lives look worthless and less real. Queer does not measure the value of life according to the logic of productivity. Queer shakes the certainty with which we estimate the capabilities of our bodies, the bodies of others and what they can be. We are not victims of the system: we have a right and strength to revolt!


stick’n’poke tattoos ★ zines ★ stencils ★ banners ★ floggers


consent ★ speed dating ★ afterparties  ★  potluck / piquenique


march ★ shout ★ sing ★ dance ★ get angry  ★ fight back ★ love


★ vegan ★ D.I.Y ★ no profit★ no borders ★ no politicians ★ no police


Minifestival 27th June – 3rd July 2016

Pink Black Bloc takes the night back – Demonstration & Hang-out Friday 1st of July






For us, the Pride means not merely a parade but a riot. We speak up in the name of those whose voices who are silent in the mainstream LGBT narratives.

On 28th June 1969 in the riots of Stonewall the poor, young, black, queer and transgender people had had enough of the systematic police raids and violence and created resistance. Soon New York had its first Gay Pride. Today Pride has been diluted into a wishy-washy celebration of well-off folks that the LGBT initiatives call “diverse”. The Pride Parade marches under police protection. Gay people can legally marry and some transgender people get access to services. But we know well that the police won’t protect us from the institutional violence of the state, nor will the state give us real freedom to love who we want.

The state does not only provide trans people’s treatments. It also creates the set of meanings, norms and hierarchies around two genders – when they really are unique and multiple – and polices people to conform to them. The narrow criteria for gender identity disorder diagnosis does not allow for diversity. Intersex babies whose bodies are surgically violated in the name of “normal”, face this control youngest of all.

The police and migration officials can deport refugees persecuted on the basis of their sexuality or political views. Private security companies will protect those who can buy protection. They will drive off Roma people picking bottles, like happened last year in the Pride Park, so that the white-dominated, middle and upper class crowd of fashion magazine replicas can enjoy their champagne in peace.

Too many living in the margins struggle with mental health issues and poverty. Getting help might become a mission impossible if just getting by financially sucks up all the energy. Many trans people are denied gender reassignment because of mental illness, and a refugee without papers can’t get help without risking deportation.

The imagery of equality is used as a means of merchandise and you are only allowed to party if you can buy the fun. Those profiting from the pink money industry couldn’t be happier to get to ride on such fresh and approved images. And the mainstream LGBT movements do not mind because their ideals have for long been scrubbed clean of anything that might come off as radical. We don’t want to participate in this celebration of exclusive consumerist culture.

We march under pink and black flags and take no pride in the commercialized celebration. We do not want to live the middle class dream nor enjoy “well-being” driven by capitalism. We march for an egalitarian society without fear, shame or oppression based on sexuality, gender, skin colour, wealth or ability.

Our aim is not to change or recreate normal but to fight against normativity. True freedom is gained when everyone is free!



Pink Black Bloc Marches On Helsinki Pride Again Saturday 27th June

We meet at 11:30 AM at the Helsinki Senate Square, at the side of the main building of the University of Helsinki. We’ll start forming as a bloc 12 AM. You will find us under the pink&black flags.

Rhythms of Resistance Helsinki will play with us. It’s good to bring ear protection, especially for children, if you wish to march/dance near the band.

We are getting ready for the march during the week in the Queerization minifestival. Welcome<3


In addition to workshops and speed dating, Queerization 2015 program includes: cafés, zine distro, picnic, films, music and hanging out, folk’s kitchen in support of political prisoners and of course Pink Blac Bloc on Helsinki Pride Parade. See program for more info.




Tuesday 23rd June, 2pm onwards, at Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1)

Welcome to make a wallpainting to Makamik at tuesday 23.6 starting at 2 pm. With the wallpainting we are celebrating Queerization! We will use spray cans and water based latex-paints. If you want to bring your own mask for the spray painting session, you can do it, but everything else we have at the place: paints, stencil carton and rollers.



Tuesday, 23rd June 2pm–5pm at Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1)

During the workshop, participants will produce their own zine (“minimagazine”). No special skills required – you can participate in a way you choose. There will be materials ready for making zines and people who can give tips and advice. There will also be some voluntary, crafty chores to find inspiration from. Let’s make a zine that looks like its creators!

There are possibilities for continuing the zine making on Wednesday and Thursday, and by the end of the festival everyone will get their own paper version.



Wednesday 24th June 2pm–5pm at Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1)

Thursday 25th June 2pm–7pm Pyöräpaja (Bike workshop, Parrulaituri 2)

Let’s make Pink Black Bloc heard and seen on this year’s Helsinki Pride Parade! Come and paint your own slogan on a sign or banner. We’ll provide some necessary materials feel free to contribute paint, brushes, cans, markers, fabric and sign materials. Pink and black fabric and paint especially needed!



Thursday 25th June 2pm–6pm in Pyöräpaja (Parrulaituri 2)

In the bike workshop you can fix your bicycle or even build one. Pyöräpaja volunteers offer their help if needed. You can use both basic and special tools, and also have access to storage of recycled spare parts.

No previous experience needed. Free of charge, voluntary donation.



Friday 26th June 1.30pm–3.30pm at Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1)

Yes? No? Maybe? What do I want? Recognizing boundaries.

In the workshop we discuss about communication, sexual consent, your own and others safety and boundaries. Workshop includes exercises that are done both private and in groups.

Workshop has room for 10 participants.


We’d also like you to sign up beforehand by emailing us to queerization@riseup.net

Please give at least the following details:


Name (of any preference):

I prefer workshop in:

[  ] english

[  ] finnish


[  ] I have read and will respect the Queerization Safer Space Policy.




Friday 26th June at 6pm in Lenininpuisto Park

Are you looking for the Right One or a one-day friendship with benefits? Are you missing some asexual play from your life? Does your polyamorous family still have room for one, or two? Are you searching for peer support in your transition or just some new pals? Are you an expert in migration permit issues of filling social benefit applications? A sturdy shoulder to lean on and a tireless sender of comforting cat gifs? Want to meet new people and network with fellow activists around Helsinki and the Baltic? Would you like to hold someone’s hand while marching in the Pink Black Bloc on Saturday, shouting slogans?

Queerization warmly welcomes you to Solidarity Speed Dating!

The speed dating is organised at 6pm on Friday, 26th June, at the same time with Queerization picnic in Lenininpuisto Park.

For practical reasons, please come early to sign up for the event! You’ll recognise the organisers by their pink armbands. We’d also like you to sign up beforehand by emailing us to queerization@riseup.net.

Please send us at least the following details:


Name (of any preference):

I can date in:    [  ] english    [  ] finnish

[  ] I have read and will respect the Queerization Safer Space Policy.



bandistalkoot / banderol making 2014




VENUES – Practical Info & How To Get There


Jyrängöntie 1, Kumpula. Closest stop: Paavalinkirkko (trams 6 and 8)

Makamik is an autonomous space for cultural activities located in Kumpula, near the entrance of Botanical Garden. The building is one-storey but there is a low-pitched doorstep at the entrance. Makamik has a kitchen and one larger room for workshops and hanging out. The house has electricity, water is carried from elsewhere. Makamik has an outdoor toilet in the end of a path: both the toilet and the path are unfortunately inaccessible with wheelchair.

Please notice that Makamik is substance free space.

Queerization events take place at Makamik on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. In case of rain on Friday, Solidarity Speed Dating will be moved to Makamik.

See the online street map here.




Parrulaituri 2. Closest stop: Kalasatama metro station.

Pyöräpaja is a bike workshop situated in Kalasatama. Entrance is near a small basketball field, on the first floor of a red brick house. Toilets in Pyöräpaja are non-accessible.

In the bike workshop you can fix or build your own bicycle. Pyöräpaja volunteers offer their help if needed. You can use both basic and special tools, and also have access to storage of recycled spare parts. Free of charge, voluntary donation.

Queerization visits Pyöräpaja on Thursday. In good weather there will also be a terrace outside.

See the online street map here.



Cable factory

Kaapelitehdas, C-stair, 2nd floor (Institute of France). Closest stops: Länsisatamankatu (tram 8) and Ruoholahti metro station.

Movie nights of Queerization (excluding Sunday’s event) take place in the Cable Factory. There is a ramp to the main door and there is large lift. Doors are non-automatic.

See the online street map here.

Cabel Factory

Lenininpuisto Park

“Lenin Park” is located near Linnanmäki amusement park by the tram 3 route. Closest restrooms are in Linnanmäki. Solidarity Speed Dating takes place here on Friday. Bring vegan picnic food to share, warm clothes and something to sit on. You’ll find us by pink and black flags in the park.

See the online street map here.

Lenin Park

Want to come but don’t have a place to sleep? None of our workshop spaces can be used as accomodation but if you email us to queerization@riseup.net, we’ll try to find you a host. Please let us know of any pet allergies or special needs.





Check your privileges

There are hierarchies and oppressive norms built into the texture of our society. No community or person is beyond them, no matter how radical or alternative they are. However, cultural change is not only possible but happening every day, and challenging these norms will take us closer to a more just society. To make Queerization the anti-authoritarian and conscious space we want it to be, we must work against discrimination, including but not limited to homo&transphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, ageism and classism.

Check your prejudice

Consider how your possible assumptions about people’s appearance, gender presentation, skin colour, verbal or physical abilities and class or migrant background might affect your behaviour towards others. Instead of making assumptions about people’s bodies, personalities, identities,  backgrounds or “where they come from”, let everybody represent themselves. Everyone has the right and sole autonomy to define their own identities, including their sexual and gender identity. Find out which gender pronouns people prefer: asking is the only way to know.

No means no – don’t be a creep

Respect everyone’s boundaries – both physical and emotional. Again, asking is the only way to find out what other people’s boundaries are. Always get verbal/explicit consent before touching someone.

Take responsibility

Remember that being drunk or high is never an excuse for bad behaviour, and note that some venues have a drug-free policy.

Keep in mind that something you enjoy or are comfortable with might cause others discomfort and distress. If somebody experiences something hurtful, they have the right to feel hurt and express it without their experience being questioned or their tone being policed.

Making boundaries clear and heard is a question of safety to be considered, and communicated, by everyone. There is no reason to be defensive in these situations since it’s not a critique or attack towards your personality.


We don’t want to judge, push down or compete with anybody.

Let’s respect everyone’s potential for change and communicate in a constructive way. Judging one’s personal qualities or background is not a good way to intervene in oppressive behaviour. Instead, point out the unwanted actions. Here is one way to confront hurtful behaviour, divided into three steps.

  1. Name the unwanted behaviour: “Saying _______ can be hurtful towards…”
  2. Criticize: “Saying things come off racist/transphobic/…/. It contributes to these ____ stigmas.”
  3. Demand /propose change: “Words like _______ are respectful, you should use them instead…”

Practical stuff

Please stay mindful of children participating and try not to leave dangerous stuff lying around.

Smoking is only allowed outside venues. And please clean those cigarette butts, as well as other scrap, after you!

Unfortunately all the venues are completely accessible for wheelchair users (see info about venues) and have other kinds of limitations. All buildings are street level. All toilets are gender neutral. All venues can be reached by tram or metro, or with little walking.

Together we are strong

Ask for support if you need it. We are here for each other! You will recognise organisers by their armbands made of pink fabric.


We are not asking anyone to pretend being someone older, younger, stronger, healthier, cooler, smarter or queerer than they are, to compromise their mental or physical well-being in order to look more productive or to meet society’s other absurd expectations.

Instead we encourage everyone to challenge themselves every day to acknowledge their own privileges, stand up against injustices and work for better communities that are safer, more aware, sustainable and inclusive.

We know from experience that this will contribute to collective as well as your own well-being more than any luxury spa weekend or Road to Success -guidebook.








  • Street art workshop
  • Zine-workshop until 5pm





  • Welcoming gathering
  • Café, music, good people, zines
  • Making signs and banners for Pride-parade

Cabel Factory


  • Movie: Olyas Love



Bike workshop Pyöräpaja

2pm – all day

  • Café, music, good people, zines
  • Making signs and banners for Pride-parade
  • D.I.Y. Bike workshop


  • Briefing/discussion about Pride-parade and Pink Black Bloc





  • Consent and Boundaries -workshop II


Leninin puisto Park:


  • Picnic


  • Solidarity Speed Dating




  • Pink Black Bloc starts gathering at Senatesquare (in front of University building)


  • Pride Parade + Park festival


  • Let’s make a party outdoors! (if weather is ok)



Anarchist Black Cross Helsinki organizes in Makamik:


  • People’s kitchen in support of political prisoners


  • Movie: Cruel and Unusual