Lymy Aperitivo ♥ Pinkkimusta Helsinki

Vuoden 2019 ensimmäisessä Lymy Aperitivossa vieraana Pinkkimusta Helsinki! Lymy Aperitivo on perjantai-iltojen ykköspaikka paikka drinkeille, kohtaamiselle ja keskustelulle.

Perjatai 18.1. | klo 18 alkaen | Lymy (Pengerkatu 6, Helsinki)


  • Pinkkimusta Helsinki esittäytyy
  • Lyhytelokuva transpolin valtauksesta
  • keskustelua anarkismin ja queer-feminismin suhteesta


Lymy continues its series of monthly Aperitivo nights once a month, to meet others, enjoy some drinks and have interesting conversations. The first collective of 2019 is Pinkkimusta Helsinki / Pink & Black Helsinki✨

Friday 18th Jan | from 6pm | Lymy (Pengerkatu 6, Helsinki)

/ Program of the evening:

  • Short introduction by some group members
  • Short film: occupation of Helsinki trans clinic
  • Discussion about queer-feminist and anarchist politics


Esteellisyys ja tapahtumatiedot / Accessibility and other event info:

1312 kaamos-nyhväjäiset / kaamos chill 1312

// ENGLISH below //
Luvassa hengausta ja uusille oiva mahdollisuus tutustua toimintaan, sekä Eeppisen Transpolin Valtaus -lyhärin uusintanäytös! Juhlavan päivämäärän kunniaksi Pinkkimusta tarjoaa glögiä ja piparia.
Osoite: Museum of Impossible Forms, Keinulaudankuja 4 E
Kuinka löydät perille: Tila sijaitsee Kontulan ostarilla, 2. kerros, E -rappu, Kontulan metroaseman vieressä.
Esteellisyys: Tilaan on esteetön kulku, kynnykset max. 4 cm. Tilassa ei esteetöntä vessaa, kynnyksetön, mutta ahdas. Lähin esteetön vessa sijaitsee viereisellä Kontulan metroasemalla.
Kuinka löydän paikalle?
> Ulos Kontulan Mene metroaseman A-B -uloskäynnistä (edessä on burger king ja subway)
>> käänny vasemmalle
>>> kävele eteenpäin, ovi (E) on tien vasemmalla puolella ennen S-markettia ja Lidliä. Ovessa on tapahtuman juliste.
>>>> Mif sijaitsee toisessa kerroksessa. Tervetuloa!
// ENG //
Cozy hanging and a great chance for new-comers to get to know Pinkkimusta.
Long-awaiteted replay of the Epic Short Film from Transclinic Occupation (subtitles in English)!

To celebrate the date, Pinkkimusta offers glögi and gingerbread.

Where: Museum of Impossible Forms, Keinulaudankuja 4 E
Museum of Impossible Forms is located at the Kontula mall, next to Kontula metro station, 2nd floor, door E.
Museum of Impossible Forms is accessible by lift with thresholds max. 4 cm on the way. The toilet has no thresholds but is not spacious enough to meet accessibility standards. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula metro station.
How to find my way there?
> Leave Kontula metro station at the A-B exit (burger king and subway in front of you)
>> turn left
>>> Walk straight forward, the door (E) is on the left side before S-market and Lidl. There’s a event poster on the door.
>>> Mif is on the second floor. Welcome!

Trans Clinic Occupied To Demand Rights To Treatment: a summary

On September 12, 2018, a group of non-binary people and their supporters took over the trans clinic of Helsinki. With the occupation the activists demanded non-binary patients equal rights to hormonal and surgical treatments, and the abolition of the clinics’ gatekeeper cistem. As of summer 2018, both of the two trans clinics in Finland have refused to treat people with non-binary diagnosis. Before 2018, non-binary people had some limited access to hormonal and surgical treatment that people with binary diagnosis are entitled to.

Part of the group locked themselves with chains onto the structures of the waiting room and the police was called to cut them off. Seven were walked or dragged out of the building by police and six were detained, some of who were given fines. Everyone caught in the action was released the same evening.

“It was totally worth it”, said of of the non-binary people after being released from the police station: “direct action is needed for us to be heard. The new treatment policies have caused enormous distress for the whole trans community here. We will continue to take action until our demands are met.”

Pink Black Helsinki warmly thanks all participants and supporters. This is only the beginning!


Activists have been dragged outside of the clinic. © Lehtikuva




Pinkkimusta blokki / Pink black bloc at Helsinki Pride 2018

(in english below)

Pinkkimusta blokki marssii tänäkin vuonna Helsinki Pride -kulkueessa, lauantaina 30. kesäkuuta.

Järjestäydymme kulkueeseen Senaatintorilla klo 12 aikaan. Löydät meidät pinkkimustien lippujen alta! Ilmoitamme tarkan sijainnin vielä paikan päältä. Kulkue lähtee liikkeelle klo 13 (ks. kartta alla).

Kannatamme rajatonta maailmaa ja vapaata liikkuvuutta.

Vastustamme valtion kontrollia, joka kohdistuu sukupuoleen, seksuaalisuuteen, perhemuotoihin ja liikkumiseen.

Sukupuolemme ja kehomme ovat meidän ja me voimme elää niitä todeksi ennennäkemättömillä tavoilla. Transihmisten kehon muokkaamista eivät saa rajoittaa valtion ja lääketieteen fantasiat kaksijakoisesta sukupuolesta.

Vaadimme hlbtiqa-yhteisöiltä solidaarisuutta ja konkreettisia tekoja fasismia, rasismia ja transfobiaa vastaan sekä yhteisöjen sisällä että niiden ulkopuolella. Loppu pakkopalautuksille, etniselle profiloinnille ja pakkosterilisaatioille! Tuemme toisiamme, juhlimme ja taistelemme pinkkipesua, kapitalismia ja CIS-teemiä vastaan!

Pukukoodi: pinkkimusta
Naamioituminen sallittu.


Pink Black Bloc marches again in Helsinki Pride on Saturday 30th June

We will start forming the bloc at 12 PM at the Senate Square. You can find us under the pink&black flags! We will announce our specific location at the site. The march begins at 1 PM (see map at the bottom).

We want a world without borders and with free movement.

We resist the state’s control over gender, sexuality, family forms and free movement.

Our genders and bodies are ours and we can live them real in unforeseeable ways. The body modifications of trans people cannot be limited by fantasies of binary gender by the state and medical authorities.

We demand solidarity and concrete acts against fascism, racism and transphobia from the lgbtiqa communities, within them, as well as outside them. End deportations, ethnic profiling and forced sterilization. We support each other and celebrate, whilst fighting against pink washing, capitalism and the CIS-tem!

Dresscode: pink and black
Masking allowed.

Trans Week of Action 19th to 25th of March

Events, workshops and meetings every day! Demonstration Sat 24th of March.

Pink&Black Helsinki organises a Trans Week of Action on the theme: How to survive in a transphobic world?

During the week there will be workshops, meetings and other daily program. The week builds up to a demonstration on Saturday 24th of March. The demonstration will start in fron of the Kiasma (Mannerheiminaukio 2) at 2 pm.



★MONDAY 19.3.★

Action Week kick off
at Museum of Impossible Forms 6 pm

Welcome to hear more about the weeks program and to watch a film! Week kick off also includes the opening of Voimaminä exhibition (Exhibition event
The film shown is “Transgender life in Slovenia” (37 min, English subtitles). Action week info starts at 6 pm, film screening starts at 7 pm.


★TUESDAY 20.3.★

Sign, zine & banner workshop
at Happi Youth center 4-8 pm

Queer sexuality discussion
at Museum of Impossible forms 5-9 pm

For one evening we will create a safer space for trans people to talk about sexuality and read and watch books, brochures and other material about sexuality. Many sexuality events are cis/heteronormative and genital centric, so we want to create a queer space from an another point of view, a space where we can give and recieve peer support. Let’s destroy cis/heteronormativity!

17-18 Possibility to get to know the material, voimaminä exhibition, getting to know the space.

6-7 pm discussion safe sex, consent and boundries

break: socialising, getting to know the material, possibility to get advice on how to use different toys/equipment/ how to make diy toys safely.

8-9 pm experiences of embodiment, bdsm

There will possibly be some toys (diy whips, floggers etc.) on view but the space is meant only for discussion, not for playing.

Event is for transpeople and allies.

Welcome! 🙂



Help on surviving the application jungle and how to deal with bureocracy workshop
at Maunula-talo, 3:30-6 pm

In our everyday lives we have to deal with kela, TE-toimisto and other bureocratic institutions which is sometimes hard in this transphobic world we are living in. That’s why we decided to organize this event. You are welcome if you need help or advice with something, if you want to help other people and/or share experiences and information or for example if you find it hard to fill applications on your own.

The event takes place in Maunulan nuorisotalo’s computer class so you don’t have to bring your own compurer with you. Because the classroom is in the youth center (nuorisotalo) there will be some people and noise outside during our event, but our classroom is well soundproofed.

Non-binary people in comics – discussion at 3 pm to 4.30 pm at Sarjakuvakes
(Porthaninkatu 9, Helsinki)

DISCUSSION IN FINNISH (possible translation tbc)

Comic artists Pii Anttonen, Apila Pepita ja Kimmo Lust talk about their comics, which often deal with their non-binary gender identities.


★THURSDAY 22.3.★

Zine work shop 5-9 pm
at Museum of Impossible forms

Come make your own queer-feminist-trans revolutionary zines. Materials provided in the workshops. Drop-by basis.

Bike workshop 6-9 pm
at Pyöräpaja

General information about bikes and also possible to fix your bike independently with possibility to get help/advice and we will ask people in the beginning what they want to learn. So a safer space for transpeople and allies.

Workshop will be in English and Finnish.


★FRIDAY 23.3.★

Support in transitioning 4.30 pm
at Museum of Impossible Forms

A peer supportive group meeting for people who are considering transitioning or who are currently going to transpoli and/or transitioning. Also people who have already transitioned but who are want to give support and advice about transpoli and transitioning are welcome.

We can talk for example about problems and difficulties in juridical and medical procedures and share information based on our own experience.

Non-binary meeting at 7 pm
at Museum of Impossible Forms

Possibility to talk about different topics, hangout, do your own work etc. in a peer environment. We will offer some snacks, coffee\tea\juice. Otherswise vegan potluck if you want or can.

Sign, zine & banner workshop
at Happi Youth center continues 4-8 pm


★SATURDAY 24.3.★

Demonstration at 2 pm starting from Kiasma

Demonstration event with latest info:

Action week party at 6pm at Museum of Impossible Forms

Trans Revolution Now! -demonstration after-party. Music, poetry and stand-up (in Finnish). Performers include: Varjova, Talvikki Lehtinen, Susi Nousiainen and Susinukke Kosola.
Program begins already at 6.30 pm
Free entrance. Event is substance free.
Party event here:


★SUNDAY 25.3.★

Benefit dinner + solidarity for trans prisoners 5-8 at Lymy

Come, eat & write letters of support to trans prisoners! Writingequipment like pens and stationary provided. Food 3-7e. All donations willgo to support trans prisoners. There will be a short presentation on Marius’ and Diren’s situations.
Marius Mason is an imprisoned transgender anarchist, serving 22years for acts of eco-sabotage. Marius is incarcerated at Carswell in FortWorth, Texas, a small, high–security facility; he receives few visits, his mail is monitored, and he is intensely socially isolated. Sincehe came out as transgender, he has engaged in a painfully slow process of medical screenings to see if he will be permitted to have access to theWPATH standards of care for transgendered people (hormones, surgery, andthe right to legally change his name to a gender-appropriate one of hischoosing).

Diren Coşkun is an lgbti+ activist and anarchist who was arrested during an IDcheck at the Diyarbakır Courthouse in Turkey, on August 14. She was told that there was a judgement on her for charges of “being a member of an illegalorganization” and “propagandizing for an illegal organization”. Because she refuses to be in the same ward with men, she has been put in solitary confinement. She demands access to healthcare and trans-specific healthcare as well as to be removed from solitary confinement. Diren has beendiscriminated and harassed by prison authorities. On January 25th she began ahunger strike/death fast in her struggle for these demands. She finished hunger strike after 27 days on February 21st after she started to get vegan food and promised improvements concerning the health care issues. (Organised by: Helsinki Anarchist Black Cross and Anarchist Black Cross Vantaa)



Description of event places:

Museum of Impossible Forms

Address: Keinulaudankuja 4 E at Kontula shopping mall, 2nd floor
Map here:
Accessibility: the space is wheelchair accessible, doorsteps max. 4 cm. Space has no accessible toilet, it has no steps, yet small. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula metro station.

Happi youth centre

Address: Sörnäisten rantatie 31
Accessibility information: The space is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilet.

Pyorapaja (bicycle garage)

Address: Pasilan Puistotie 12
Accessibility information: Accessible entrance, yet limited possibilities to move inside the space, due to many tables. No accessible toilet.


Address: Porthaninkatu 9, Helsinki
Sarjakuvakeskus is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
More specific info on the accessibility of the space:


Address: Metsäpurontie 4
Map here:
Accessibility: Main entrance is wheelchair accessible and all the floors are accessible by lift. Accessible toilets are located on the second and third floor.


Address: Pengerkatu 6
Accessibility info: Unfortunately the space is not wheelchair accessible, there are steps
leading (downwards) into the space and three steps up to the toilet. The toilet is quite small, the door to the space and to the toilet are quite narrow.


Haluamme monimuotoisia queer-yhteisöjä, joissa pyritään aktiivisesti kaatamaan sisäisiä raja-aitoja. Haluamme yhteisöjä, joissa toimitaan yhdessä, kun yksi kohtaa sortoa. Yhteisöjä, joissa rasismille ja transfobialle ei anneta tilaa. Emme voi vaatia oikeuksia vain osalle hlbtiqa+ -yhteisöä ja jättää muut ilman. Tasa-arvoa ei ole ennen kuin kaikki ovat tasa-arvoisia.


Me kannatamme rajatonta maailmaa ja vapaata liikkuvuutta.

Emme jaa nationalistista unelmaa, jossa ihmiset lajitellaan syntyperän mukaan. Samaan aikaan, kun istuva hallitus näennäisesti irtisanoutuu fasismista, se toteuttaa fasistista siirtolaispolitiikkaa. Turvapaikkapolitiikan lähtökohtana ei ole hädänalaisten auttaminen, vaan sen kontrollointi, ketkä pääsevät Suomen rajojen sisälle, ja ketkä pakotetaan niiden ulkopuolelle. Kun maahanmuuttovirasto toivottaa Prideen osallistuville iloista juhlaa peittyy se, kuinka sama virasto vaatii seksuaalisuuden todistamista turvapaikanhakijoilta ja lähettää ihmisiä kuolemaan. Seksuaalisuutemme kuuluu meille, ei viranomaisille.

Kontrolli ei lopu rajoja ylitettäessä, vaan se levittäytyy myös rajojen sisäpuolelle. Kansalaisuus on yksi kontrollin ja eriarvoistamisen väline. Sen avulla ihmisiä luokitellaan, käännytetään ja ajetaan eroon toisistaan.

Sukupuolimerkinnöillä, transtutkimuksilla ja ahtailla rooliodotuksilla vahditaan kaksijakoista sukupuolijärjestelmää, jotta ihmisten elämiä ja kehoja voitaisiin edelleen valvoa, lokeroida ja hallita.


Kehon muokkaamista eivät saa rajoittaa valtion ja lääketieteen fantasiat sukupuolesta. Sukupuolemme ja kehomme ovat meidän ja me voimme elää todeksi niitä ennennäkemättömillä tavoilla. Translaki ei riitä – me tahdomme enemmän.


Me emme ilahdu poliisin läsnäolosta Prideilla. Ensimmäinen Pride oli mellakka poliisiväkivaltaa vastaan, eikä historiaa ole syytä unohtaa. Poliisi toimii edelleen työkaluna valtion fasistisen politiikan toteuttamisessa. Se suorittaa turvapaikanhakijoiden pakkopalautukset ja tekee etnistä profilointia.

Sen sijaan poliisi ei ole tehnyt mitään rasististen, homo- ja transfobisten ryhmien toimintaan puuttumiseksi. Poliisi on katsellut esimerkiksi Pohjoismaisen vastarintaliikkeen toimintaa ja kasvua läpi sormien. Tämä kertoo siitä, kuinka vähän hlbtiqa+ -oikeuksien edistäminen todellisuudessa kiinnostaa poliisia. Tänä vuonna Toronto Pride päätti osoittaa solidaarisuutta Black Lives Matter -liikkeelle kieltämällä poliisien osallistumisen virkapuvuissa – samoin tulee toimia myös Helsingissä. Poliisi ei ole tervetullut Prideille.


Queer-yhteisöt ovat aina toimineet turvaverkkoina virallisten rakenteiden ulkopuolella silloin, kun valtio on tehnyt ihmisistä laittomia. Tarvitsemme näitä yhteisöjä edelleen.

Niitä tarvitsee homo, joka pakenee maasta jossa homous on rikos tullakseen maahan, jossa häntä kutsutaan laittomaksi, koska häneltä puuttuvat oikeanlaiset paperit. Niitä tarvitsee transsukupuolinen nainen, joka ei saa tarvitsemiaan hoitoja, koska ei toteuta sukupuoltaan lääkärin toivomalla tavalla sekä muunsukupuolinen, jonka sukupuolta valtio ei tunnusta lainkaan. Me tarvitsemme yhteisöllisyyttä, jossa solidaarisuus on ensisijaista.

Onko Helsingissä kohtaamispaikkoja, mihin muunsukupuolinen voi mennä pelkäämättä tulevansa kyseenalaistetuksi? Kun turvapaikanhakija ei pääse homoklubille henkilötodistuksen puuttuessa, onko olemassa paikkoja missä hän voi tavata muita hlbtiqa+ -ihmisiä? Onko tiloja, missä rodullistettu henkilö voi aina luottaa, ettei jää yksin kohdatessaan homofobiaa tai rasismia? Jos tällaisia tiloja ei ole, meidän on luotava niitä.

In English:


We want diverse queer communities that actively challenge the boundaries that limit our life and the potential of our communities of resistance. We want communities where we act collectively to fight the oppression of one. Communities in which no room is given to racism or transphobia. We cannot demand rights for only a part of the lgbtiqa+ community and leave others without. There’s no equality until there’s equality for all.


We stand for a world that is without borders and has free movement.

We do not share the nationalist dream in which people are categorized according to their origin. While the ruling government ostensibly denounces fascism, the migrant policies it carries out are fascist. The current migrant policies are not based on helping those in need, but to control who gets to enter the borders of Finland and who are forced out. When the immigration services wishes Pride participants a happy celebration it covers how it simultaneously demands proof of sexual identity from refugees and sends people to their deaths. Our sexuality belongs to us, not to officials.

Control doesn’t end at borders but spreads within. Citizenship is a tool for control and for increasing inequality. People are classified, deported and separated on the basis of it.

The gender binary is guarded by gender marking, trans examinations and narrow role expectations, in order to increasingly monitor, label and govern people’s lives and bodies.


The state and medicine have their fantasies about gender that should not limit body alteration. Our genders and our bodies belong to us and we can live them true in unprecedented ways. Trans law is not enough – we want more.


We do not welcome police presence in Pride. Let’s not forget that first Pride was a riot against police violence. The police still functions as a tool to execute fascist governmental policies. It carries out forced deportations and ethnic profiling.

Instead the police has done nothing to stop the operations of racist, homophobic and transphobic groups. It speaks grude language about how willing the police truly is in advancing LGBTIQA+ rights. This year Toronto Pride, for one, decided as act of solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement not to allow the police to participate in uniform. Helsinki Pride should decide the same. The police is not welcome to Pride!


Queer communities have always functioned as safety nets outside official structures when the government has turned people into illegals. We still need these communities.

These are required by the gay man who flees their country where homosexuality is a crime, only to be made illegal by not having the right paperwork. These are required by the trans woman who does not receive required treatment after a doctor decides she does not fit the normative type of gender expression. Or the non-binary person, whom the law does not recognise at all. We need communities, where solidarity is priority.

Where in Helsinki are there places where a non-binary person can go without the fear of being questioned? When a refugee cannot enter a gay club due to not having documents, is there a place to meet other lgbtiqa+ people? Are there spaces where a person of colour can trust they won’t be met with racism or homophobia? If there are no such places we must create them.

Queers Against Borders Bloc hit the Pride Parade 1 July

Invitation to dance (and shout)


We want a world without borders and with freedom of movement.

We resist the state’s control over gender, sexuality, family forms and migration.

We resist forced deportations and ethnic profiling operated by the police. Why is the same police that commits these racist acts allowed to come clean its image by participating in Pride?

Our genders and bodies are ours and we can live them real in unforeseeable ways. The body modifications of trans people cannot be limited by fantasies of binary gender by the state and medical authorities.

We demand solidarity and concrete acts against fascism, racism and transphobia from the lgbtiqa communities. Within these communities, as well as outside.



The block gathers at Kansalaistori under the Queers Against Borders banner. You can recognize us from our pink and black colors and by our many drums!

Dresscode: pink, black, earplugs


More info coming soon.


Call-out by:

Pink & Black Helsinki
Rhythms of Resistance Helsinki


Pinkkimustamarssi / Pink Black Parade 1.7.2016

Perjantaina 1. heinäkuuta marssimme Rautatientorilta Tokoinrantaan. Meitä oli pari sataa. Mielenosoitus pysähtyi Kansalaistorilla EuroGames Villagessa, koska Helsingissä järjestettävää EuroGamesia tukee Israelin valtio ja EuroGames markkinoi Tel Avivia homoparatiisina. Muistutimme siitä, että tällainen toiminta on pinkkipesua, jolla halutaan viedä huomio pois Israelin apartheid-järjestelmästä ja ihmisoikeusrikkomuksista.

On Friday June 1 we had Pink Black Parade. Before the parade arrived to Tokoinranta we had a demonstration at EuroGames Village. Two hundred demonstrators paid attention to how EuroGames is sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Finland, and EuroGames markets Tel Aviv as a gay tourist destination. This is pinkwashing, which tries to divert attention from Israel’s apartheid regime and human rights violations.







The queerization workshops and other events take place in various locations in Helsinki.

In this post you will find specific information on the venues, including how-to-get-there and accessibility info. All spaces are by little walking, by rails and by other public transport. All toilets are uni(corn)sex / gender neutral.

We want to create space for encounters and learning. Queerization is an anti-capitalist, grassroot-level, DIY-event. Therefore shared effort and responsibility for coziness, safety and promotion is not only recommended but vitally important. The workshop holders are not professionals, nor deities, even if not the most “normal” of people! The safer space principles apply in all Queerization events.

Signing up in beforehand required in some of the workshops due to limited space and number of participants. All the events are non-profit, most of them free of cost. Donations to cover material costs are collected for example in the Whip workshop and the Stick´n´poke workshop. If you don’t have the money to donate, that’s okay, too.

The most up to date programme info can be found here.



The festival does not offer shared accommodation. If you need a place to stay in Helsinki during the festival, email to queerization[at] and we will do our best to help! Please let us know if you have specific needs (regarding pet/food allergies, kids, accessibility etc.).



Coffee and tea will be served at the venues. Some vegan food or pick-up snacks will also be organised by collective effort at the venues. You may donate what you wish/are able to.

If you want to help, let us know via email and we’ll be superhappy! Everyone is welcome to contribute, by bringing baked stuff, by cooking, by picking up groceries or by helping out with cleaning. And for the sake of Anarchy & Happiness, let’s all wash our own dishes!




Street Address: Hämeentie 30

Nearest stops: Haapaniemi (tram lines 6 and 7A/B, buses 62-77). Metro: 600 m walk from Sörnäinen and 700 m walks from Hakaniemi metro stations.

Lymy is a collectively organized workspace and event place. It is a space for “thoughts / action / work / laziness / struggle. Lymy is a space where these can be inseparable. At Lymy we are hidden, but not separated.”


There are two steps to the main door. However, there is an entrance to the space, through a corridor, which has no stairs. The entrance to the corridor has a 6 cm step. The gate to the corridor opens completely. The entrance from the corridor is 81 cm; the inner door to Lymy is wider and has a 2cm high threshold. It is only possible to access the corridor from inside, so contact us beforehand or knock, and we will open the door. The space has a narrow toilet, unfortunately not large enough for wheelchair. The nearest public toilet is a few hundred meters away, located at the Väinö Tanner field.


Third Space

Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 18

Nearest stop: Viiskulma (tram lines 3/2, buses 14, 17, 18) 100 m walk from stop.

Third Space is gallery / workspace / event venue run by the Third Space collective.

“Third Space is a collective seeking to unsettle preconceived notions of the other. As cross border transcultural operatives we seek to erase the invisible lines that separate us.”


Door on street level, but down to the space there are three steps, approx 20 cm each. No railing. Toilet small and narrow. Nearest public toilet few hundred meters away at Johanneksenpuisto.



Address: Parrulaituri 2.

Nearest stop: Kalasatama metro station, 350 m walk from station.

Pyöräpaja is located in a red brick building at Kalasatama, near the old plant area and Sompasaari. The entrance is on the side of the basketball court. The space is on the first floor, ground level, but at the door there are two low steps and the toilets are not accessible.

When turning from the main road towards Pyöräpaja the pavement cuts for about 2 m length, and there is a gravel area in between, located at a lower level than the pavement. The pavement rises from the gravel area at a 13 degree angle for a 10 cm area. The street pavement area next to the gravel is also cut so that before the pavement there is a small area of gravel. The pavement changes to an even gravel area when going towards the space, remaining all the way to the entrance.

The space is on the first floor on ground level. Before the entrance there is a 4 cm high grid platform. At the entrance there are two doors, first has a 4 cm step and the other 5,5 cm step. Both doors are 96 cm wide, but the inner door opens partly on top of the outer door, so the actual width is 75 cm. Neither of the doors is automatic.

The toilet has a 5 cm step and the doorway is 68 cm wide. The toilets are narrow booths, with no railings.



Address: Hämeentie 150

Nearest stops: Arabiankatu (tram lines 6 and 8) 500 m walk,

Kairokatu (buses 52, 68, 71 ja 74) 200 m walk

Sarjakuvakeskus (Comic centre) is community centre for the field of comics, founded in 2008 at Arabia, Helsinki.


A steep ramp leads to the entrance but it is unsteady and slippery, not safe for a wheelchair user without assistance. The door is 93 cm wide. The toilet is narrow, toilet door is 56 cm. The nearest accessible toilet is located across the road, in the premises of the School of Arts.

Some people sensitive to mold have had symptoms in the house.



Address: Jyrängöntie 1

Nearest stop: Paavalin kirkko (tram lines 6 and 8; buses 73-77)

Makamik is originally a squatted space which has since been rented, with a symbolic fee. The house is run by volunteers and collective decision making. The building is located on the east side of the Kumpula Botanic Garden, alongside the road leading to the entrance.


Makamik is located on a small hill, the way to the entrance is a steep gravel path. There are stairs leading to the doors and high steps. The toilet is a small outhouse located in the end of a steep narrow path. There is no running water in the house. Water damage has impacted one of the rooms. There has been renovations since, but some people sensitive to mold still get symptoms in the house.

NB! Makamik is a fully substance-free space!



Please email any concerns or questions regarding workshops, accomodation etc. to queerization[at], and we will reply as quickly and as good as we can.

Media inquiries we might answer if the Consensus Fairy is in favorable mood, and has the time and energy.



Here it is – the program!
Details about venues – their accessibility and how to get there – can be found in the ‘Where, What’ info-post asap.


Monday 27th June:


1.30 pm – 4.30 pm
@ Lymy (Hämeentie 30)

During the workshop you are taught how to make yourself small tattoos. The workshop has room for 9 participants. We have three workspots, so be ready for some waiting or let us know when you can come. We have time slots starting 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Please sign up in advance by emailling to: queerization[at]
Recommended donation to cover material costs is 3-6€.


@ Third Space (Tarkk’amppujankatu 18)

Drop in & make your own zines!


Tuesday 28th June:


3pm @ Bike workshop (Parrulaituri 2)

Cut your own stencils and make your own super swag signs and banners so you can represent the colours on Pink Black Parade Friday 1st July!


6pm @ Bike workshop

A collective organising meeting for the demo on Friday.

P.S. you can Bring Your Own Bike and fix it here, too!


Wednesday 29th June:


1pm – 4pm @ Sarjakuvakeskus (Hämeentie 150)

Yes? No? Maybe? What do I want? Workshop on recognizing boundaries.
In the workshop we discuss communication, everyday and sexual consent, your own and others’ safety and boundaries. Workshop includes exercises that are done both on your own and in groups.
Workshop has room for 12 participants.

Please sign up beforehand by emailing us to queerization[at]
and give at least the following details:

Name (of any preference):
I prefer workshop in:   [  ] english   [  ] finnish
[  ] I have read and will respect the Queerization Safer Space Policy.

6pm – 8pm @ Lymy

Discussion about mental “health/illness” and surviving in a sick society.
Coffee, tea & peer support. You may leave early or take breaks. Talking is voluntary. You can participate in English or Finnish, translation will be available.

NOTE! The workshop will be closed and confidential. There will be an opening discussion which you need to attend to participate. Opening discussion will be held from 6 – 6.30pm, after which you can no longer join the workshop, so come early!


Thursday 30th June:


3pm @ Lymy

Make your own flogger! During the workshop you are taught how to make a flogger from bicycle inner tube or electric wire. Please sign up email in advance by emailing queerization[at] , no later than on Tuesday 28 June at 12 o’clock noon. The workshop has room for 10 participants. If you can pay €2 to cover the costs, that’s great. If you can’t, you can still participate.


Friday 1st July:


6pm @ Central Railway Station (Rautatientori, Sq. on the East side of Building)

Let’s Take Back The Night with Pink Black Parade! B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Banners, and other lovely pink&black things:   flags, wigs, high heels, low feels, portable noise, slogans, queer ekstravaganza, solidarity and safer space attitude.

Dress warmly for “Afterski” / hangout place (t.b.a.)


Saturday 2nd July:


3pm @ Hakaniemen tori
Organiser: Ruokaa ei Aseita / Food Not Bombs Helsinki

Millions of people starve while the military industrial complex spends astronomical amounts of loot on building war machines. Food Not Bombs draws attention to this system of exploitation fact by distributing free food for the people. The meat industry, adding to world’s food security crisis, also exploits and tortures other living beings. This is why our food is always vegan. Themes of poverty, inequality, military spending and environment are as relevant in today’s Finnish society as ever.

Ruokaa ei aseita Helsinki is a part of the international Food Not Bombs movement that started in Boston, USA in 1980.


2pm – 8pm @ Tokoinranta

Feel free to bring blankets, vegan food&drinks, sunscreen, warm clothes, frisbees, outdoors games, cats, dogs and your grandma. If it rains, we’ll take ‘em elsewhere.


4pm – 5pm @ Tokoinranta

Are you looking for the Right One, or two, or more into friendships with benefits? Are you missing some asexual play from your life? Is there always room for a new link in your polyamorous family web? Want to organise an antikapitalist sex party? Are you an expert in migration permit issues or social benefit paperwork? A sturdy shoulder to lean on and a tireless sender of comforting cat gifs? Want to meet new people and network with fellow activists around Helsinki and the Baltic? Would you like to hold someone’s hand while marching in the Pink Black Bloc next year, shouting slogans?

Queerization warmly welcomes you to Solidarity Speed Dating!

For practical reasons, please come early to sign up for the event! You’ll find an organiser sitting by some pink&black flags by their loud voice. We’d also love it if you signed up beforehand, by emailing us to queerization[at] (you can write Solidarity Speed date as title).

Please give at least the following details:

Name (of any preference):
I’m able to date in:   [  ] english   [  ] finnish
[  ] I have read and will respect the Queerization Safer Space Policy.


5pm – 7pm @ Tokoinranta

Lets have an easy-going tournament with lots of fun and a little flexibility. Cuz c’mon, sports is not so Very Serious!

If you are, however, very serious about / scared of / traumatised by / interested in / passionate about / … / Sports & Politics, or just feel plain paradoxal about all that, come and join in a queery hangout & open discussion. What makes playing and watching sports a nationalist practice; what makes it international? How is sports culture used as a tool for normativity and social control, and could sports like football be reclaimed to create queerer spaces? We will discuss football, nationalism/internationalism and inclusion/exclusion by the games field.

Languages: Finnish & English – non-professional translation will be provided.


Sunday 3rd July


4pm @ Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1)
Organiser: Feminist Comics Network

D.I.Y. freely organised croquis drawing, draw what you can & want (model is nude). No costs but it’s good to bring your own sketch papers and other materials. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill level.



Safer Space Policy applies in all events.

Coffee, tea and a bite to eat will be available for 0 – x eur. donation.

For everybody’s comfort, please refrain from using strong colognes or perfume! Smoking is permitted outdoors, with respect to others around you.

Workshops are alcohol & other-drug-free.