Here it is – the program!
Details about venues – their accessibility and how to get there – can be found in the ‘Where, What’ info-post asap.


Monday 27th June:


1.30 pm – 4.30 pm
@ Lymy (Hämeentie 30)

During the workshop you are taught how to make yourself small tattoos. The workshop has room for 9 participants. We have three workspots, so be ready for some waiting or let us know when you can come. We have time slots starting 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Please sign up in advance by emailling to: queerization[at]
Recommended donation to cover material costs is 3-6€.


@ Third Space (Tarkk’amppujankatu 18)

Drop in & make your own zines!


Tuesday 28th June:


3pm @ Bike workshop (Parrulaituri 2)

Cut your own stencils and make your own super swag signs and banners so you can represent the colours on Pink Black Parade Friday 1st July!


6pm @ Bike workshop

A collective organising meeting for the demo on Friday.

P.S. you can Bring Your Own Bike and fix it here, too!


Wednesday 29th June:


1pm – 4pm @ Sarjakuvakeskus (Hämeentie 150)

Yes? No? Maybe? What do I want? Workshop on recognizing boundaries.
In the workshop we discuss communication, everyday and sexual consent, your own and others’ safety and boundaries. Workshop includes exercises that are done both on your own and in groups.
Workshop has room for 12 participants.

Please sign up beforehand by emailing us to queerization[at]
and give at least the following details:

Name (of any preference):
I prefer workshop in:   [  ] english   [  ] finnish
[  ] I have read and will respect the Queerization Safer Space Policy.

6pm – 8pm @ Lymy

Discussion about mental “health/illness” and surviving in a sick society.
Coffee, tea & peer support. You may leave early or take breaks. Talking is voluntary. You can participate in English or Finnish, translation will be available.

NOTE! The workshop will be closed and confidential. There will be an opening discussion which you need to attend to participate. Opening discussion will be held from 6 – 6.30pm, after which you can no longer join the workshop, so come early!


Thursday 30th June:


3pm @ Lymy

Make your own flogger! During the workshop you are taught how to make a flogger from bicycle inner tube or electric wire. Please sign up email in advance by emailing queerization[at] , no later than on Tuesday 28 June at 12 o’clock noon. The workshop has room for 10 participants. If you can pay €2 to cover the costs, that’s great. If you can’t, you can still participate.


Friday 1st July:


6pm @ Central Railway Station (Rautatientori, Sq. on the East side of Building)

Let’s Take Back The Night with Pink Black Parade! B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Banners, and other lovely pink&black things:   flags, wigs, high heels, low feels, portable noise, slogans, queer ekstravaganza, solidarity and safer space attitude.

Dress warmly for “Afterski” / hangout place (t.b.a.)


Saturday 2nd July:


3pm @ Hakaniemen tori
Organiser: Ruokaa ei Aseita / Food Not Bombs Helsinki

Millions of people starve while the military industrial complex spends astronomical amounts of loot on building war machines. Food Not Bombs draws attention to this system of exploitation fact by distributing free food for the people. The meat industry, adding to world’s food security crisis, also exploits and tortures other living beings. This is why our food is always vegan. Themes of poverty, inequality, military spending and environment are as relevant in today’s Finnish society as ever.

Ruokaa ei aseita Helsinki is a part of the international Food Not Bombs movement that started in Boston, USA in 1980.


2pm – 8pm @ Tokoinranta

Feel free to bring blankets, vegan food&drinks, sunscreen, warm clothes, frisbees, outdoors games, cats, dogs and your grandma. If it rains, we’ll take ‘em elsewhere.


4pm – 5pm @ Tokoinranta

Are you looking for the Right One, or two, or more into friendships with benefits? Are you missing some asexual play from your life? Is there always room for a new link in your polyamorous family web? Want to organise an antikapitalist sex party? Are you an expert in migration permit issues or social benefit paperwork? A sturdy shoulder to lean on and a tireless sender of comforting cat gifs? Want to meet new people and network with fellow activists around Helsinki and the Baltic? Would you like to hold someone’s hand while marching in the Pink Black Bloc next year, shouting slogans?

Queerization warmly welcomes you to Solidarity Speed Dating!

For practical reasons, please come early to sign up for the event! You’ll find an organiser sitting by some pink&black flags by their loud voice. We’d also love it if you signed up beforehand, by emailing us to queerization[at] (you can write Solidarity Speed date as title).

Please give at least the following details:

Name (of any preference):
I’m able to date in:   [  ] english   [  ] finnish
[  ] I have read and will respect the Queerization Safer Space Policy.


5pm – 7pm @ Tokoinranta

Lets have an easy-going tournament with lots of fun and a little flexibility. Cuz c’mon, sports is not so Very Serious!

If you are, however, very serious about / scared of / traumatised by / interested in / passionate about / … / Sports & Politics, or just feel plain paradoxal about all that, come and join in a queery hangout & open discussion. What makes playing and watching sports a nationalist practice; what makes it international? How is sports culture used as a tool for normativity and social control, and could sports like football be reclaimed to create queerer spaces? We will discuss football, nationalism/internationalism and inclusion/exclusion by the games field.

Languages: Finnish & English – non-professional translation will be provided.


Sunday 3rd July


4pm @ Makamik (Jyrängöntie 1)
Organiser: Feminist Comics Network

D.I.Y. freely organised croquis drawing, draw what you can & want (model is nude). No costs but it’s good to bring your own sketch papers and other materials. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill level.



Safer Space Policy applies in all events.

Coffee, tea and a bite to eat will be available for 0 – x eur. donation.

For everybody’s comfort, please refrain from using strong colognes or perfume! Smoking is permitted outdoors, with respect to others around you.

Workshops are alcohol & other-drug-free.