Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity: greetings and resources

A week has past from our small collective effort on Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity. Big thanks to all who participated in Helsinki or elsewhere!

Whether you took part in an event or on your own, or missed the date this year, 22 January is not the only day you can send supportive mail to political prisoners. Below are gathered some links to letter-writing resources: we hope you find them useful throughout the year.

Letter writing about to begin. 22 January 2019.

Transgender political prisoners listed in the campaign (currently only US prisoners):

Under the Resources section you can also find links to a bunch of insightful projects and initiatives working towards prison-abolition and ending repression. As for writing guidelines, note that they are US-specific and other in other places policies might differ.

Excellent resource by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross on writing to prisoners, as well as other ways of supporting them. In addition to info about policies in the UK prisons, there are good general tips for getting started. You can also download and print the leaflet-version for your social space, distro or future events!

Note that in Russia, Belarus and many other countries, letters written in English might not get passed on to the prisoners. Generally this goes for many places where English is not widely understood, since the prison staff cannot scan the content.

Other political prisoner lists:

List by Brighton ABC:

Earth First! Prisoner Support Project is on eco-prisoners, caged animal liberationists and prisoners of indigenous land struggles, who share an Earth First! bio-centric viewpoint, either in the actions which led to their arrest or in their general activism. In addition, Earth First maintains a list for political prisoners of allied struggles.

Resources and both prisoner lists can be found in

Eule (“Owl”)

In fall 2018, after months in custody, Eule was sentenced with 9 months of imprisonment without parole for accused actions in the Hambach forest occupation. ”Owl” refused to identify themselves in custody and court, and is thus referred to by court as Unbekannte Person Aachen 8 or UP III.

You can write Eule in English or German. Pamphlets, zines, magazines and xerox copies are allowed, too. Books can be photocopied and sent as individual sheets of paper; also “installments” of cut-out pages from books are okay. Document and index everything that you send and include dates both for your records and in the correspondence.

Address to write to Eule:

unbekannte Person Aachen 8
JVA Köln,
Rochusstraße 350,
50827 Köln