Queers Against Borders Bloc hit the Pride Parade 1 July

Invitation to dance (and shout)


We want a world without borders and with freedom of movement.

We resist the state’s control over gender, sexuality, family forms and migration.

We resist forced deportations and ethnic profiling operated by the police. Why is the same police that commits these racist acts allowed to come clean its image by participating in Pride?

Our genders and bodies are ours and we can live them real in unforeseeable ways. The body modifications of trans people cannot be limited by fantasies of binary gender by the state and medical authorities.

We demand solidarity and concrete acts against fascism, racism and transphobia from the lgbtiqa communities. Within these communities, as well as outside.



The block gathers at Kansalaistori under the Queers Against Borders banner. You can recognize us from our pink and black colors and by our many drums!

Dresscode: pink, black, earplugs


More info coming soon.


Call-out by:

Pink & Black Helsinki
Rhythms of Resistance Helsinki