The queerization workshops and other events take place in various locations in Helsinki.

In this post you will find specific information on the venues, including how-to-get-there and accessibility info. All spaces are by little walking, by rails and by other public transport. All toilets are uni(corn)sex / gender neutral.

We want to create space for encounters and learning. Queerization is an anti-capitalist, grassroot-level, DIY-event. Therefore shared effort and responsibility for coziness, safety and promotion is not only recommended but vitally important. The workshop holders are not professionals, nor deities, even if not the most “normal” of people! The safer space principles apply in all Queerization events.

Signing up in beforehand required in some of the workshops due to limited space and number of participants. All the events are non-profit, most of them free of cost. Donations to cover material costs are collected for example in the Whip workshop and the Stick´n´poke workshop. If you don’t have the money to donate, that’s okay, too.

The most up to date programme info can be found here.



The festival does not offer shared accommodation. If you need a place to stay in Helsinki during the festival, email to queerization[at]riseup.net and we will do our best to help! Please let us know if you have specific needs (regarding pet/food allergies, kids, accessibility etc.).



Coffee and tea will be served at the venues. Some vegan food or pick-up snacks will also be organised by collective effort at the venues. You may donate what you wish/are able to.

If you want to help, let us know via email and we’ll be superhappy! Everyone is welcome to contribute, by bringing baked stuff, by cooking, by picking up groceries or by helping out with cleaning. And for the sake of Anarchy & Happiness, let’s all wash our own dishes!




Street Address: Hämeentie 30

Nearest stops: Haapaniemi (tram lines 6 and 7A/B, buses 62-77). Metro: 600 m walk from Sörnäinen and 700 m walks from Hakaniemi metro stations.

Lymy is a collectively organized workspace and event place. It is a space for “thoughts / action / work / laziness / struggle. Lymy is a space where these can be inseparable. At Lymy we are hidden, but not separated.”


There are two steps to the main door. However, there is an entrance to the space, through a corridor, which has no stairs. The entrance to the corridor has a 6 cm step. The gate to the corridor opens completely. The entrance from the corridor is 81 cm; the inner door to Lymy is wider and has a 2cm high threshold. It is only possible to access the corridor from inside, so contact us beforehand or knock, and we will open the door. The space has a narrow toilet, unfortunately not large enough for wheelchair. The nearest public toilet is a few hundred meters away, located at the Väinö Tanner field.


Third Space

Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 18

Nearest stop: Viiskulma (tram lines 3/2, buses 14, 17, 18) 100 m walk from stop.

Third Space is gallery / workspace / event venue run by the Third Space collective.

“Third Space is a collective seeking to unsettle preconceived notions of the other. As cross border transcultural operatives we seek to erase the invisible lines that separate us.”


Door on street level, but down to the space there are three steps, approx 20 cm each. No railing. Toilet small and narrow. Nearest public toilet few hundred meters away at Johanneksenpuisto.



Address: Parrulaituri 2.

Nearest stop: Kalasatama metro station, 350 m walk from station.

Pyöräpaja is located in a red brick building at Kalasatama, near the old plant area and Sompasaari. The entrance is on the side of the basketball court. The space is on the first floor, ground level, but at the door there are two low steps and the toilets are not accessible.

When turning from the main road towards Pyöräpaja the pavement cuts for about 2 m length, and there is a gravel area in between, located at a lower level than the pavement. The pavement rises from the gravel area at a 13 degree angle for a 10 cm area. The street pavement area next to the gravel is also cut so that before the pavement there is a small area of gravel. The pavement changes to an even gravel area when going towards the space, remaining all the way to the entrance.

The space is on the first floor on ground level. Before the entrance there is a 4 cm high grid platform. At the entrance there are two doors, first has a 4 cm step and the other 5,5 cm step. Both doors are 96 cm wide, but the inner door opens partly on top of the outer door, so the actual width is 75 cm. Neither of the doors is automatic.

The toilet has a 5 cm step and the doorway is 68 cm wide. The toilets are narrow booths, with no railings.



Address: Hämeentie 150

Nearest stops: Arabiankatu (tram lines 6 and 8) 500 m walk,

Kairokatu (buses 52, 68, 71 ja 74) 200 m walk

Sarjakuvakeskus (Comic centre) is community centre for the field of comics, founded in 2008 at Arabia, Helsinki.


A steep ramp leads to the entrance but it is unsteady and slippery, not safe for a wheelchair user without assistance. The door is 93 cm wide. The toilet is narrow, toilet door is 56 cm. The nearest accessible toilet is located across the road, in the premises of the School of Arts.

Some people sensitive to mold have had symptoms in the house.



Address: Jyrängöntie 1

Nearest stop: Paavalin kirkko (tram lines 6 and 8; buses 73-77)

Makamik is originally a squatted space which has since been rented, with a symbolic fee. The house is run by volunteers and collective decision making. The building is located on the east side of the Kumpula Botanic Garden, alongside the road leading to the entrance.


Makamik is located on a small hill, the way to the entrance is a steep gravel path. There are stairs leading to the doors and high steps. The toilet is a small outhouse located in the end of a steep narrow path. There is no running water in the house. Water damage has impacted one of the rooms. There has been renovations since, but some people sensitive to mold still get symptoms in the house.

NB! Makamik is a fully substance-free space!



Please email any concerns or questions regarding workshops, accomodation etc. to queerization[at]riseup.net, and we will reply as quickly and as good as we can.

Media inquiries we might answer if the Consensus Fairy is in favorable mood, and has the time and energy.